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Matty Dawes another of our younger coaches has also some impressive fishing achievements to his name. He started coaching a few years ago at Weston Pools his local fishery and he has seen him coach many people since starting out. 

In his own words he says “I have a real passion for coaching and it all started firstly outside of angling back in my school days, following a injury I couldn’t play football for a number of weeks so to keep me busy I helped coach the year 7s football team. its something I really enjoy and gives me great satisfaction knowing with my help people can push towards achieving there full potential and there goals. Now with me having a number of years of competitive match fishing behind me I felt 2020 was the year I started coaching anglers as angling is my passion and I give every coaching day 100% and it’s great seeing people improve their skills. 

iv been fishing since I was 4years old but didn’t really get into match fishing until I was about 14 years old, it all started when I joined Airbus Angling club which helped me learn all new methods and fish matches and be competitive. At this time it was anglers such as Andy Bennet and Jamie Hughes which I inspired to be like so after a few years I started fishing more and more open matches at Weston Pools and this where my bug come for pushing myself within the sport. iv been on the open match circuit for around 11 years now and feel I have achieved some fantastic things”.

His angling achievements include; Winter league team winners 2014 Heronbrook, Spring league team winners 2016, 2017 Heronbrook. Tunnel barn Winter league team winners 2018, Tunnel barn Winter league individual winner 2018, Dynamite Lindhomle lakes Festival Winner 2018, Pole Masters Winner 2018, 2 x Maver Match This Finalist, Spring festival Winner Weston Pools 2019, 2 x British Open Finalist, 2nd Tunnel barn Winter Championship 2019, Monkhall Venue Record 416lb July 2020 

and also Fishomania Finalist 2020.

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