Solve your angling problems with

Video Coaching
without being on the bank

why would you book?

We never stop learning as an angler, the beauty about the sport is how as anglers we can all fish so differently.

Our end goal ultimately is to catch more fish and experience and watercraft play such a huge part in this. 

An angling coach is there to help us with this and pass on their expertise and gained knowledge to help us improve as an angler.

In the past, the only way to obtain a coaches knowledge was through on the bank sessions. 

Now with the assistance of technology, we can book dedicated sessions through video media with online angling anglers from any location in the world.


angling ability

No matter what your level of angling experience, whether it be at club level or a seasonal open angler, we only choose anglers who we know can benefit you and help with any of your angling problems.

From professional match anglers to venue specialists all of who offer on the bank coaching services, there may be an angler that can assist you.

We all want to excel in our angling and coaching is one of the best forms of education to achieve our goals.

the future

With technology ever-evolving and high speed internet becoming accessible to us all, online video is fast becoming one of the most powerful elements that can empower us all.

We felt that angling coaching should not just be a service provided on the bank, as quite often we are faced with questions that more experienced minds can answer.

Video coaching is widely used in so many other sports and angling should be no different.

It opens up the possibilities to solve our angling issues from techniques through to venue information from experience angling minds.

What better way to it than a private one on one video session with the angler of your choice.